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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Data Processing

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is the field of computer science where intelligent and advanced machines are created that works and reacts like a human being and they are made to perform all such activities like a computer. It could be problem-solving, planning, speech recognition, and all similar tasks. AI, when combined with other technologies, form the core part of such machines intelligent enough to resolve problems.


In recent times Artificial Intelligence, along with process automation, has changed the BPO industry. It has enabled the reinvention of services and also allowed different shared services within the organization. The rise of this technology will be transforming the business outsourcing process by increasing productivity as well as employment opportunities. As like other business fields, the data entry service and data processing service are also affected by this change which has some advantages and disadvantages both.

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The traditional method of doing data entry generally performed by making use of outsourcing partners will see a change. The automated process reduces the risk of making any errors while doing data entry. This, in turn, will result in a faulty data analysis. AI combined with automation makes the process faster and safer. The intelligence makes the process more responsive as unique features could be combined within the process.

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When Artificial Intelligence is combined with machine learning, a bulk amount of data can be processed in a small fraction of time. This technology can recognize patterns and increase the quality and accuracy of the data processed. When this processing is executed over the cloud, it helps to manage more complex data efficiently. This process can be tailored based on specific industry needs and business goals. Because of this, when the organization considers outsourcing services for data processing, remote data is managed efficiently and easily as it can be done by network broadening. The advantage lies in entering real-time data which has faster response and flexibility. The paper based and manual entry and processing will also have a significant decline in the future.

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Though AI has a lot of advantages when used in a business process but there are few concerns associated with it. People typically outsource data processing and such mundane repetitive jobs to an outsourcing partner which can now be taken care of by intelligent automation. In a couple of years, with AI advancement, people are fearing that a lot of jobs in the data processing and entry domain will be taken away. But the fact remains that the BPO companies can benefit better with such advanced technologies. BPO companies are prepared and trying to improvise their process and train their employees to deal with it. The employees are being trained to make complex decisions and have critical and analytical thinking. Fields such as knowledge process outsourcing and consultancy domains will be least affected by this change.


Newer technologies will keep creating jobs which were not there a couple of years back. In the BPO company, when the tasks are automated, they will require more workforce to do certain functions in the process which are not automated. Technology change will complete specific jobs. but also create more as and when required in the process.


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