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How to Choose The Right Offshore BPO Service Partner?

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While more companies are opting to delegate their non-core business processes to a competent offshore BPO partner, there are a few that are still worried about some basic necessities such as data security and control over the information. Selecting the right partner that provide efficient BPO services India is the biggest and first challenge in offshore outsourcing. Here are some insights into what you should be looking for in your BPO partner from the selection process and how you can benefit from them:

The Selection Process

The selection process is the most important in determining the effectiveness of your BPO outsourcing partner. Here are the steps to take while choosing the right outsourcing partner:

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  • Define your Outsourcing requirements – This is important because every business will have a different requirement that needs to be outsourced. You can finalize this by checking with the resources you have in terms of expertise, technology and infrastructure. This also depends on how big or small your business is and the expected volume of work that needs to be outsourced.
  • Finding out what’s available in the market – Once you know what needs to be outsourced, you can check what is already available in the market as a one-time or continuous solution to outsource data entry services. If the solution is not available, you will have to build an in-house team. Or else, you can follow the trends and shortlist a few vendors who are competent and popular.
  • Prepare a Request Form – Prepare a questionnaire that you want the outsourcing partner to answer in order to meet your criteria and requirements. Distribute it among the enquiring offshoring vendors and choose the best among them.

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  • Negotiate the terms and conditions – Once you choose the right vendor for offshore data entry services that satisfies your requirements, you can negotiate the rest of the terms including rates, turnaround time, quality, security etc. Sign a legal contract before you start working on the outsourcing project.
  • Delegate the work – This transition of work from your employees to the outsourcing vendors should be taken seriously. All instructions must be given in written and the right point of contacts for various issues should also be communicated in writing.
  • Communicate well – Communication is key to the success of outsourcing business processes. Keep the communication channels open both ways to make sure that work is progressing as per the plan and requirements.

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How does it help?

Determining the requirements help the business to understand what all processes they need to outsource and accordingly they can rework on their funds and resources. Unless you know what is available in the market and the level of support extended, you will not be able to pick the right outsourcing partners. It is important to check through various mediums and contacts upon the available outsourcing and offshoring options. When you have a request form, you can make sure that all your requirements are covered before you choose the outsourcing data entry service provider. Negotiation and legal contract are necessary to protect your data as well as interests. You must delegate the work in writing so that there’s no misinterpretation of what is expected of them. Communication makes sure that you keep track of what’s happening with your information.


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