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Edge of Using Data Capture Techniques While Scanning

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What comes into your mind when hearing the word ‘data’? Is it a telephone directory or a microchip? Both images point to the need for documentation of data information in our daily life. But what makes them different is, a telephone directory belongs to the old generation of data documentation where a microchip is more updated. Here comes a valid question. How can we make these old-school data handling techniques into updated modes? What is the role of data capture services in making this happen? To what extent can they help us for the effective conversion of physical documents into digital files?

In simple words, the whole world runs upon data. With continuing path-breaking advancements in information technology, most of the data get transferred in digital formats. It includes PDF files, emails, web content, and so on. At the same time, many organizations are still struggling with physical files containing data information that needs to get extracted. In fact, getting rid of physical documents like manually filled forms, letters, handwritten documents are almost impossible. But the data information that it contains must get preserved for futuristic purposes. Let us see how document scanning services or data capture can find help here.

Process of Data Capture

Every business organization gets involved with an enormous amount of data information regularly. We must find some ways to document them more effectively. In traditional methods, companies assign their employees for handling back-office documentation works, but it has proved ineffective and inefficient. In such times, data information is extracted manually and gets entered into operating systems that ensure better security and easy access. As we can imagine, it is a process that consumes hours to complete wasting both time and human effort. The search for ways to do it more effectively has finally reached the doorsteps of outsourcing companies that can finish these documentation projects within the desired time frames. In addition to that, data capture services have emerged as the most updated techniques of extracting data from various forms of physical documents minimizing human involvement. Thus, it has evolved into a position which is no business entrepreneur can ignore.

Let us go a little deeper into the advanced techniques that outsourcing companies use for data capturing.

Automated Data Capture

It is a computerized technique to capture data from various physical files. It may feel like the more initial investment is required, but it will benefit you in the long run since it can reduce the human effort needed for such projects. Since digital platforms have increased popularity among companies and everyone is trying to find a better space online, this technique has more possibilities. Automated data capture includes different technologies such as OCR, ICR, OMR, and many others. We are going to discuss it a little further.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) & Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

OCR is a technology used to convert different machine-printed documents including into searchable and editable data. Data information in the form of image files, PDF files, or scanned paper documents, can easily be detected and extracted into a specific format that is easy to handle. It makes sure that all texts in the documents are searchable and editable. At the same time, ICR technology helps to recognize handwritten documents. The efficiency of ICR software gets increased as it compiles more handwritten documents. This self-learning process makes it ‘intelligent’.

Optical Mark Reading (OMR) & Optical Ink Character Recognition (OICR)

OMR technology is to extract data from forms and surveys that are marked manually. This technique can differentiate between marked and unmarked boxes or columns. It enables us to reduce the human effort required to verify survey forms or other such documents. At the same time, MIRC can recognize characters that are printed in magnetic ink by a machine. It finds great use in industries like banking where a large number of cheques gets needed to process. Reducing human involvement associated with such projects can also help to increase efficiency in data capture.

Magnetic Stripe Cards and Smart Cards

Magnetic stripe cards store data from materials that have magnetic properties. It is getting used in credit cards, identity cards, and many other documents. By posing stripes of iron-based magnetic materials on the card, they can store particular data information. Also, these data can get extracted whenever it is needed. It works with the help of magnetic readers. Smart cards contain an integrated circuit that can get operated with or without contact. Data scanning services can use this technique for extracting data from such documents for collecting personal information. They can transfer data automatically when brings in contact with a suitable reading device.

Artificial Intelligence

It refers to various techniques that use artificial intelligence techniques. It is the most updated technique that can help for extracting data information from a pile of disorganized documents. Computer vision and image or pattern recognition can improve the process of data extraction without human involvement. Machine learning and neural networks can get used for this by training specific software for recognizing data information in various formats. It can also get used for interpreting meaning in sentences without the assistance of human intelligence. As a whole, it pushes the possibilities of data capture services to their maximum level.

It Ensures Easy Access

As we have already mentioned, documents are preserved not to keep untouched but to use whenever needed. When relying upon physical files, there involves a chance to get lost or dismantled. And also, you can imagine the time and effort that may need to search for a file from a pile of old documents. When going along with document scanning services, they can easily make digital copies of physical files. It allows keeping in operating systems ensuring better access and retrieval. It can scan any paper documents like receipts, handwritten notes, legal files, records, images, accounting sheets, and many more. You can always keep track of the valuable documents that you have.

Benefits in Outsourcing

If you plan to deal with these data scanning or data capture projects with your employees or decide to hire a team for it, it won’t be a good decision in terms of effective resource management. At the same time, an outsourcing agency with good experience handling such projects can work remotely, from anywhere in the globe can provide you this more efficiently. Not only it will help you reduce operational cost, but improve quality, enhance information flow, and ensure centralizing data capture works, and many other benefits. Since they can also have time zone benefits, you will get a result like working 24 hours a day. After handing over the project to an outsourcing agency situated in a different time zone enables you to receive the completed project just after one night’s peaceful sleep. Using the most updated techniques, with quality assurance in outputs, outsourcing data capture services is the best solution that you can find for improving efficiency in digitizing your data management system.

As an outsourcing provider with excellent experience in various services like data entry, data extraction, data processing, and many more, NexGen Data Entry can help you get the best experience in data scanning and data capture. We give prime concerns for providing customized outputs under any complex situations within the desired time frame. Ensuring better quality, better data security, and better efficiency, we can absolutely meet your requirements. Drop a mail to [email protected] to know more about us.


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