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Does Data Entry Errors Leads Business Millions of Dollars?

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Facing continuous errors in the data entry process? Well, if yes, have you ever wondered about its consequences? To overcome such worries, hassles, and challenges, outsourcing the data entry services to a well-accredited global BPO company can be your best savior.

Data, being a vital component of a business, should be managed with the utmost efficiency and attentiveness. Generally, organizations are prone to various challenges that come along with the in-house data entry process. And proceeding with these error occurrence, identification, and, finally rectification involves a heavy amount.

One of the best and affordable ways of preventing these errors in data entry service is to hire the appropriate and experienced BPO outsourcing company.

At times, the BPO outsourcing companies might also get involved in the poor quality of data entry procedures. It could be due to data irrelevancy, lack of training, minimal quality assurance checks, and so on.

Whether it be an outsourcing or in-house process, the data entry errors might creep into the mainstream operation through poor image quality, OCR challenges, handwritten annotations, etc. Though data entry service is a low-cost process, it can turn out to be a large expensive one if it encounters various kinds of errors.

When compared to the advanced or automated data entry services, manual or traditional data entry services undergo a higher error rate. Though the data entry companies have a team of professional operators, things can go wrong unexpectedly.

In business terms, data entry service might not be regarded as a core organizational activity but it involves a considerable amount of manpower, resources, and technologies. Well, these factors require a good amount for better management. An increased rate of data entry errors can cost an organization for a longer time duration.


Coming to the subject matter, here’s a dig into how does data entry errors cost businesses millions of dollars!

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Less TAT (Turnaround Time)

The inaccuracy in data entry service will reduce the turnaround time, implying that the task will require additional time. Generally, the professional operators can implement 10000 to 15000 keystrokes in an hour. This might at times, involve certain errors such as duplication or transcription related, thereby, maximizing the cost and time involved.

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Better Management

Better and excellent data management process will involve huge expenses. There are higher possibilities of error in the data entry process due to a poor or lack of a smarter data management scheme. As you face more data entry errors, business organizations tend to pay more focus on spending on better and effective data management.

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Hiring and Training

Most of the firms tend to hire trained employees to cope with the instances of error-based data. Hiring a crew of highly professional and skilled data entry operators will eat a good amount. At times, they too might require a training session on the advanced technologies, updating skills, and using new software.

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Technological Resources

Processing and keying in the bulk of data might lead to errors (duplication, inaccuracy, etc.). As and when your business encounters these errors, you need to spend more on employing sophisticated infrastructure, trending data entry software, quality check technologies, and many more such advancements.


A slight error in the data entry service can cost your business extra or probably millions of dollars. The presence of inaccurate data can disrupt the overall functioning of your business. It will have an adverse effect on the decision-making process, thereby, affecting your professional relationship with clients, customers, and investors. Also, spending millions on your business due to data entry errors could be the worst financial transaction or business expenditure.

NexGen Data Entry is the globally reputed offshore-based BPO company, employing a crew of experienced, professional, quality-preferring, and dedicated operators. They will enhance the quality of all kinds of data entry projects at a reasonable price, without enabling you to spend extra cost on rectifying the errors. For further queries and requirements, talk to our experts at [email protected]


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