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How to Ensure Quality Document Conversion Service While Outsource?


Document conversion is widely being outsourced by organizations across the world because of the convenience and cost-efficiency it offers. When you outsource, you can save the money, effort and time spent on setting up an in-house team of document conversion professionals. Quality document conversion service is again a big challenge due to the mushrooming outsourcing service providers who pop up every day though they do not have the right infrastructure, technology investments or resources to accomplish the task undertaken. Maintaining document quality is a challenge in itself, especially when you have to deal with documenting bulk data regularly. Conversions may result in inconsistent data which poses a major threat to data quality. Here are some tips to ensure data quality when you outsource document conversion services:

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Quality documentation and data conversion require firm quality standards to be set and strictly followed. Quality standards have to be set by experienced data managers who know the business as well as the data value. This can be a meticulous process and needs a separate quality team to follow up the audits and quality checks regularly. Outsourcing data conversion services offer better quality data because they will have a team exclusively handling data quality. Since data conversion and data management are their core businesses, they will make sure that the converted data goes through rigorous quality checks that are well-planned.

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Data conforms to quality only when it conforms to the business rules. Domain experts will be able to make sure that the converted data conforms to the quality standards as well as business rules of the company. Every business will have a set of data rules that make sure that it expects the data it generates to showcase. For example, the minimum salary should be the x amount, the minimum age should be y, the maximum leave should be z days and so on and so forth. While converting data, these business rules have to be checked in the data that’s converted.

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Technology intervention is a must for assuring quality in document conversion. Manual data conversion is very time consuming and will result in many errors or inconsistencies, especially when dealing with bulk data conversions. Using the right technology will help in ensuring quality PDF to excel data conversion wherein the converted data will be more consistent. Technology investments involve highly expensive software and hardware apart from the expenses of the recruitment and infrastructure development. Since technologies are fast evolving, what you are using this year may change completely next year, making your investment obsolete. Outsourcing companies will definitely invest in the right technologies for data conversion as it is their core competency. Even if they use it for a year, accomplished conversion partners will make the most of the investment as they will have ample projects to deal with simultaneously.

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Setting the standards and following them strictly are not enough to assure data consistency and quality. The outsourcing document conversion service providers should also ensure frequent and periodic quality audits by data experts to make sure that the quality standards are strictly followed.

These aspects make sure that your converted data conforms to high quality.


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