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Organizational Design in a BPO Firm

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BPOs have become an important part of all types of businesses. From market research to customer care, BPOs are inevitable to get some of the most important jobs done whether they are core or non-core. Thanks to globalization, the IT sector has made it possible not only to reduce the communication gaps but also to erase the trade barriers among the countries. This has greatly helped the outsourcing company India to establish many BPOs to which many western countries outsource their business processes. Because of the richly skilled resources available in India at much lesser rates, Indian outsourcing companies find it easier to bag offshoring and outsourcing contracts from all across the world. While setting up the organizational structure of a BPO firm, certain criteria needs to be considered to make it successful.

Typically, the BPO Services India has three main sections to concentrate one – service management organization, retained organization, and governance layer. Service management organization refers to providing resources that are shared across multiple processes or projects. It can be internal sharing or external sharing of business processes. In the case of external sharing, it is termed as outsourcing. Retained organization is the processes left behind after the outsourced processes. Because the outsourcing service provider is expected to work on huge volumes of information which may vary in its composition, the outsourcing company must be well organized to scale in terms of infrastructure and resources according to the project requirements of each client. The governance layer is what deals with the clients in terms of agreement, customer relations, billing etc.

A well-organized BPO company India must have the following elements in place:

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Organizational Structure

A well-defined organization structure is a must for every BPO. Since the attrition rate in BPOs are very high, every time a new employee joins the organization, he/she should know the hierarchy to follow when it comes to problem solving and reporting.

Designations and Job Descriptions

The designations and job descriptions must be clearly written and communicated to the resources working with the BPO. This is as important as the organizational hierarchy since the newly joined resources may have trouble seeking help or reporting otherwise.

Skilled Resources

A large pool of resources is a must for any BPO. A competent Back Office Services provider must have resources specialized in varied skills ranging from data entry, data mining, processing, image editing, multimedia editing, customer care, call centre management etc. Since many start-ups and large organizations are always looking for end to end solution providers, the BPO must always have good resources specialized in more activities.

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Grading of Resources based on their skillset and experience

Not all organizations and projects require advanced skillsets. When the BPO has a large number of resources including those with advanced skills, it is important to follow a grading system whereby every resource is given a grade based on his/her skillset, experience and proficiency. This can be used later when critical projects are taken up by the BPO. For time-bound projects that have tight deadlines or those requiring expertise, such resources can be assigned the projects. The rest of them can work on long-term projects that require less expertise.

Clear relations with external organizations

At times, the BPO may have to outsource work to outside organizations or other freelancers. It is better for the outsourcing forms to keep a good relation with other outsourcing firms and freelancers as it helps when up-scaling for critical projects.

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