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Outsource PDF to CAD Conversion for Engineering Works

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Any engineering work where drawings or notations are present needs to be eventually converted into CAD format file which fits the requirement of the firm. Conversion of PDF file into CAD file format for each project is a complex process as it is both time-consuming and challenging. So, the best skilled and trained draft engineers should work on outsource PDF to CAD conversion.

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The traditional way of scanning paper drawings and reproducing them in digital form is the most effective way to document the image and drawings in an organized manner. This is mainly done to reduce the tedious process of handling paper drawings. There is always a risk of losing and paper damage which in turn could make the business suffer heavy losses. This process of digitization is referred to as raster to vector conversion where the paper files are changed into Auto CAD format files. Outsourcing this work is boon to companies as they can pay attention to their focus areas while the outsourced companies will investigate the conversion work.

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If the companies outsource CAD conversion, they have a lot of advantages to look for. Firstly, they could get superior quality of documents when compared to the original drawing. It also saves time when compared to the traditional digitizing process with redrawing then scanning and printing documents. These services are provided at a lower cost with higher productivity. Outsourcing increases the quality of the drawing as they are produced with accurate dimensions required for the specific project. They involve data entry for the product and software like engineering document management (EDM) system to achieve better results. Once they are converted, they provide a better flow of information through emails and stuff.

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Those organizations who prefer to outsource engineering services will find that CAD and drafting are the topmost outsourced services. CAD or computer-aided design can basically range from creating any sort of blueprint, drawings used for assembling components and manufacturing detailed drawings in the software. The pattern can be changed from 2-dimensional look to 3-dimensional form depending on the format. This helps in editing and saving the model drawing. Design service is very time consuming and so companies prefer to outsource them. The other engineering services which are generally outsourced are technical documentation with design development.

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The PDF conversion is done first where the paper-based documents are first converted into PDF format. To outsource PDF to CAD conversion helps the company both cost and time wise. A wide range of conversion tasks can be accomplished such as GIF to PDF, Paper to PDF, TIFF to PDF and more. Thus, there is always a need for data conversion. Generally, there are two options available the first one is to have an in-house team which works on it and the second one is to outsource the same. Hiring an in-house team requires investment and the quality might change depending on the experience and learning. We can summarize the benefits of outsourcing as below:

  • The operating cost can be reduced
  • By outsourcing conversion task, more time is available to finalize the core activities and at the same time access to the latest software with expert advice is also present.


Hence outsource PDF to CAD conversion for engineering works would give customized solutions as per the requirements align to achieve larger business goals.


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