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An Overview of How Technology is Changing the Mortgage Industry


In this tech-savvy world, most people use online platform to sell and buy the products and services. As a part of this, mortgage industry also witnesses a drastic change. The technological innovations simplify the procedures of procuring loans. With the development of technology, customers are able to scan the documents and submit them to the lender easily and quickly without visiting the mortgage organization. Technology allows customers to pay the mortgage through electronic devices by using the bill payment option available with your bank. Some of the technological developments accelerate the mortgage industry:


Introduction of E-signature tech helps improving the mortgage industry. Electronic signatures are easy to use and increasingly accepted worldwide. Electronic signatures are legal and secure and used to sign all types of documents. It helps to speed up the never-ending process of loan processing. By using e-signature, customers and lenders can sign the mortgage documents from anywhere at anytime.

Document Verification

Document verification is the crucial part of mortgage industry. Documents required for getting a mortgage includes W-2 statements, tax returns, paycheck stubs, list of assets and list of debts. The verification process of all these documents is a time-consuming process. Today, world-class software’s are available for lenders to verify these documents. The technological advancements avoid delay in mortgage processing.


The mortgage sector is mostly a paper-based industry, but digitization is changing this. Digitalization of documents eases the process of document keeping in mortgage industry. Digitalization allows lenders to search the required document easily and quickly. With the advent of e-signature, mortgage industry becomes paperless. In the coming years, the mortgage industry is likely to be fully online.


The advent of smartphones has drastically changed the mortgage industry. Smartphones facilitate customers and lenders to make easy transaction of documents. It enables customers to scan the document and mail them to the lenders within seconds. The custom-built mortgage apps accelerate the process of loan processing and it allows customers to check their status at anytime.

Mortgage insurance is another important aspect of the mortgage industry. Mortgage insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects lenders against the default of mortgage payment and the death of a borrower. There are mainly two types of mortgage insurance: private mortgage insurance and public mortgage insurance. Private mortgage insurance protects the investor if you default on mortgage payments. Public mortgage insurance is a type of mortgage insurance in which government intervention is visible.

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