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Top 4 Outsourcing Trends to Dominate in 2018

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Outsourcing has been one of the most trending business strategies of the recent years. It has contributed significantly to data management proper data flow. Outsourcing has always been considered the most cost-effective alternative to recruitment or setting up an in-house team to perform specific processes. At the same time, it has been the most challenging and evolving business pattern across the world. From data entry to logistics, businesses now outsource many processes to attain efficiency and control expenses. SMEs benefit greatly as they outsource backoffice services to competent outsourcing partners. Here are the top 4 outsourcing trends that will dominate in 2018:

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a big thing when it comes to data management. It makes data storage and access more convenient and secure. Businesses can take complete advantage of cloud storage and authorized access to data which is very handy in finance and healthcare BPO services. 2018 will see more outsourcing partners making use of cloud computing for data management. This will prove to be cost-efficient and effort-efficient for the parent companies. They don’t have to invest on the cloud services and yet take advantage of the powerful and secure technology. This will also motivate more businesses to outsource and the outsourcing partners to consider such advanced technologies for the benefit of their clients.

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Outsourcing services will focus a lot more on data security in 2018. Since the outsourcing data entry services provider will be provided with a bulk of important company data, they have to ensure its security. This has been one of the most challenging factors that abstained many organizations from outsourcing. But many competent outsourcing partners have already started investing on premium security measures to ensure that their client data is secure.

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Process Automation

As more businesses outsource their data management to outsourcing partners, most of their information will be digitized. This helps them to shift focus towards process automation. Banks and financial institutions can consider automating their authorizations with digital signatures. Companies involved in retail and production can automate purchase, warehousing and logistics which will make these processes seamlessly aligned with their core processes. In 2018, we can expect more outsourcing companies encouraging process automation.

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Quality over Cost

So far, the main motivation behind outsourcing has been the cost part. But that attitude is changing fast and in 2018 outsourcing companies will also pitch for quality over the cost. When it comes to processes such as mortgage loan processing services more than the cost, the quality of information and services handled by the outsourcing partner is important. The outsourcing partners have already started their shift towards providing quality services rather than cheap services which makes them more desirable for medium and large companies aiming at flawless data and services. As the businesses globally are shifting focus from revenue to adding value to their customers, quality data and services rendered by the outsourcing partners will be valued more than the cost.

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In the coming years also, outsourcing will be one of the top-most preferred process completion methods utilized by companies the world over. In fact, we will see more SMEs and large companies shift to outsourcing rather than recruiting owing to the advantages offered by outsourcing companies.


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