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Top 5 Outsourcing Risks and How to Avoid Them


Outsourcing is most preferable task these days as it’s attracting the business people with lots of advantages like reduction in the investment cost, increase in quality of the service with innovation and talent access, increase in the production, getting access to new technical tools and application software. Outsourcing makes an effective business strategy to slide up the graph of the company profit. With all these advantages there are situations where one can lose the control over access its advantages and get into unwanted risks if they are not managing it in proper way. The most susceptible risks that can be turned into disaster for your business are mentioned here. But they can be managed effectively by appraising these risks carefully. Then the question comes out how you will evaluate these risk factors. So look at these risks and how to avoid them for your successful business.

Losing the Access and Updates of the Projects Outsourced

CIOs of the company always are in the distress that they should not get obstructions in getting access and updates of the projects they handled to the outsourcing service providers. If there is no proper communication between the two then it’s very much probable that there will be breakage in handling the progress report of the project wherever in many cases chances of the losing the access is also possible. Lack of communication or slow responses may result in a costly product. So keep a track of your project by ensuring a regular team up communication with the vendor. This will make the management of your project equally accessed by the in-house team in parallel with the vendor team.

Unrevealed Costs with the Main One

Undoubtedly outsourcing is much cost effective for the every vertices of the business firms but if you are not looking into the surcharges which is unrevealed. This will make your budget go high that you haven’t planned. This will make you into troubles of managing your other plans. The main work to carry out here is to ask them the complete cost structure in the advance with the project modules and analyze the potential unrevealed cost in that. This will make you clear with the end payment details with the surcharges attached to it.


Communication Proficiency

As you know that communication is the base of each and every deal so if you are making the outsourcing decision then you must look over this. If the vendors are not well aware of the language you are using then it will create a barrier between you too. If the vendors are not able to understand and speak your language very proficient then the development of the project won’t go into the decided way. So to get out of these risks choose the vendor who can efficiently communicate with you in your language. Also get assurance that the other team members of the project are also expert in that language.

Quality Control Checking of Output

The delivered project by the outsourcing firm should be very accurate and error free. And if you wish to have your project as per the international standards. Then look that what the quality control checking measures are done by them before delivery of the project. For more assurance you can also check it in-house before making the deal closed.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Choose the outsourcing service provider who are reliable and have reputation in the market. The certified one is the plus point for your data security and confidentiality. These outsourcing firms will never wish to ruin their market reputation with these faults. So if your project is containing highly sensitive data then it’s remarkable for you. Also get their previous records of handling those types of projects. It’s also important to discuss with them how they are going to deal with the security and confidentiality of your data in prior only.

The above risk factors and their avoidance measures will make you strong in the outsourcing decisions.

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