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Tracking Corona Virus with Data Visualization Services

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Data visualization service is one of the significant ways to track the outbreak of Corona virus on a worldwide platform. Corona virus, commonly being known as COVID-19, originated in the Wuhan city of China, thereby, rapidly spreading to different parts of the world.

The deadly Corona virus has killed more than 3000 people and has worsened the health of around 70000-80000 people across the globe, including the US, the UK, Italy, Iran, South Korea, India and many more.

Recently, ‘The Center for Systems Science and Engineering’, developed a dashboard digitally that focuses on tracking the dissemination of CoVid-19 around the world.

The process of data visualization is one of the effective measures to deal with the challenging business data, thereby, forming an innovative business intelligence system in your organization. Analyzing the outbreak of Corona virus and identifying an insight from the collected data will help the healthcare firms to monitor the situation consistently.

A majority of the international airports have approached the concept of checking and screening the flight passengers before they enter or exit the airport boundary. This is done to keep a close check on the rapid spread of Corona virus. Whereas, on the other hand, the public health officials (in every country) are trying advanced and new ways to tackle the outbreak of CoVid-19. and data visualization service is one among them!

Data visualization will involve the placement of pictorial or graphical representations, wherein, the graphs can be used as an awareness tool to show the spread and statistics of the Corona virus outbreak. The data visualization technique will facilitate communication regarding the data more effectively.

The public health officials can utilize the data visualization concept in three ways:

  • What or Where Phase – Identifying the exact location of where the virus initiated on a map
  • Big Deal Phase – Creating a visualization of the virus outbreak and displaying the brief story with accurate and factual details (data/information)
  • Present Phase Once the virus is well-explained, the ready-to-action or the precautionary measures should be let out, after detailed data analysis

Presenting the educational info-graphics will let the people know every detail of the CoVid-19 spread and how to deal with the issue with effect.

The real-time tracking dashboard created to monitor Corona virus extracts the relevant and up-to-date data from WHO and sends out the data visualization through a ‘Graphic Information System’. The topmost symptoms of Corona virus include breathing shortage, fever, cough, etc.

NexGen Data Entry, leads the service of data visualization, thereby, aiding the healthcare professionals to combat with the various challenges. On the contrary, Corona virus is spreading at a rapid pace, and thereon, one should implement the state or country specified approaches to keep themselves safe and secure.


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